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Major Partners

Trend Micro
Trend Micro is one of the world’s premier providers of secure content and threat management tools. Founded in 1988 in the United States by Steve Chang (Chairman) they are now based in Tokyo and employ more than 3,000 staff across 30 countries. Of note is that Trend Micro have their R&D facilities spread across the globe in 7 locations.

Trend Micro provides individuals and organizations of all sizes with award-winning security software, hardware, and services. By delivering timely intelligence and customer-driven innovations that seamlessly integrate with the network information flow, Trend Micro safeguards operational continuity with comprehensive protection against the expanding range of threats that endanger business operations, personal information, and property. As a result, organizations and individuals can be confident in the security and integrity of their digital information.

EXECaid has recognised the value offered by the Trend Micro products and has been a Trend Micro Partner since May 2005. We use their products internally and have no hesitation recommending them to our clients.

EXECaid use and recommend Microsoft business IT solutions where appropriate.

With this in mind EXECaid partnered with Microsoft and this has been beneficial to our clients in many ways. Through our partnership with Microsoft we have access to:

  • a broad range of software that we can use for scenario modelling and troubleshooting
  • partner preview access to new products and technologies to enable us to better advise clients with regards their purchasing and strategies
  • other partners which builds relationships that extends our ability to deliver successful solutions
  • partner events such as product launches and technical briefings
  • partner newsletters and alerts advising of trends and ways to improve IT for our clients


These benefits come together to yield a net benefit to all our clients.


Cirrus Communications

Cirrus Communications is a wireless systems integrator and telecommunications service provider. It owns and operates Australia's largest fixed wireless network and uses that network to deliver innovative value-added telecommunications services to customers across the country.

Our successful relationship with Cirrus Communications enables us to provide another option for high speed internet and is of particular appeal for those too far from their local exchange for ADSL or those wanting higher upload speeds.


PACNET (formerly Pacific Internet)
PACNET focus primarily on Business Communications Solutions across areas such as business internet technologies, telephony and Business VOIP Services, Private Networks, Hosting Services and Managed Internet Services.

EXECaid uses and recommends PACNET to our clients as PACNET have demonstrated both value and technological excellence and have a proven track record.

Partnering with PACNET gets us closer to the vendor and this benefits our clients in allowing us to not only offer better advice but also better support when it’s needed.



Our relationship with MyNetFone provides us a proven VOIP partner to deliver hosted Virtual PBX solutions. We can deploy these nationwide and you can retain your existing numbers in most cases. Through MyNetFone we offer a broad range of VOIP solutions and where appropriate we can arrange for MyNetFone internet connections to dedicate to your VOIP service.