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Managed Business IT Services

  • Benefits of Managed Services Package
    A Managed Services Package reduces the expensive surprises that can occur if you simply run under the typical "break / fix" approach. By proactively Managing your Business IT Infrastructure we can alert you to issues and ensure you maximise your return on your IT investment by making sure your business needs continue to be serviced in the manner you expect.

  • Managed Services, a Business Owner/Stakeholder Perspective
    At EXECaid we engage our Managed Services clients at a level where we aim to work WITH our clients both on a technical level of course but also at the business level where we can enhance leverage on the IT spend, maximise value and return on your technology investments and assist with your strategic planning.

    Adopting a managed services model effectively gets you an expert IT consultant on staff when you need assistance and advice without the expense of hiring full time IT staff. This frees your valuable business resources to run your business and removes the day to day distractions of IT and technology issues.

    Operating under a managed services model can also smooth out the spend by bundling in coverage for standard support calls. These common tasks such as add/remove users, resetting passwords and the like are normally covered.

    As the business owner you want IT and Infrastructure services to just work (like the power, water and other essential services). Although you may not necessarily want to know how or why it works your knowledge of key systems and their fundamentals will be transferred via discussions and working with us on projects.

    We provide and maintain key systems documentation across all Managed Infrastructure. This ensures successful works can be repeated easily if required and aids the business to recover in the event of a disaster.

    We provide the business owner or delegated "IT Contact" within the business with appropriate reporting on a periodic basis further reinforcing the value of our services and providing visibility to areas that need addressing.

    By engaging us in a Managed Services capacity you don't just see us in times of stress and bother. Through more regular communication and by working closer and achieving better outcomes we all benefit.

  • EXECaid can now supply all your Hardware and Software needs.

    We are pleased to announce that we can now supply a broad range of business networking equipment along with customised hardware and software solutions to meet any requirement.


Solution Design Services
Considering new systems or enhancing existing ones ? Engage EXECaid to ensure this work maximises your opportunities, business value and integrates well with any existing systems and provides you a solid platform on which to build going forward.

Solution Review Service
You may not already be a direct customer of ours but may be wanting to have your systems reviewed or have an independant opinion of an IT proposal or idea. You can engage us to review these and get that second opinion.

Installation Services
It's what we do. We can install and deliver your latest IT system freeing you to focus on your core business. By having EXECaid install your systems or equipment you can rest assured knowing it was installed not merely to specification but also integrated with your existing systems in a way you may not have otherwise achieved.

Vendor Liaison Services
Dealing with vendors and getting quotes can be a real hassle. We are in touch with the market and vendors on a daily basis. Engage EXECaid to assist with your Vendor liaisons and free you to run your own business.

When procuring new equipment our negotiation skills and existing vendor relationships will ensure you get a great deal. In the event of hardware or software failure our knowledge and skills in Business IT will ensure that when you need a vendor to work for you, they will.

Troubleshooting Services
Computers and IT should be business enablers, they should promote better business practices and efficiencies and be reliable tools however even well designed and managed systems can be affected by hardware failure or human error. Proper maintenance and Management can mitigate this but all systems will require regular maintenance and patching.

Engage EXECaid when you have trouble, we will assess the situation, diagnose your problem and communicate our findings back to the business in everyday terms. We will work with your business to establish an acceptable path to resolution considering such things as budgets, new technologies, current best practices and asset lifecycles. We will then see the resolution through to its outcome and if necessary perform an incident review with your business or stakeholders.

Business IT for Senior Staff
Managed Services Clients can elect to have us assist their senior staff with setup of their home office. The value for the business is in making it seamless for these key staff to work as effectively at home as they can at the office which leads to better business practices and flexibility.